I don't have a Boxster, can I still attend?
Absolutely - we welcome owners of all Porsche models. In fact, a few non-Porsche vehicles have been spotted at our event in past years.
Do I need to register, or can I just show up?
Please register. If you need to cancel or change your plans, your money will be refunded up to the cutoff date specified during registration.
Is there a cutoff date for registration?
We will close registration once we get to 100 vehicles. The past few years this has happened in approximately 24 hours.
But I just found out about your event on, like, September 8th and I really want to come. It sounds super-cool. Can I come?
It is cool. Thanks. The Saturday morning lineup and pre-drive events at the Hangar Hotel are open to the public. Feel free to stop by, enjoy the cars and meet some great people. Hopefully we'll see you next year. Registration typically opens in July.
Are there different driving groups for different skill / comfort levels?
The safety and comfort of our participants is our key priority. All our driving events take place on public roads. As such, our drive leaders will adhere to the posted speed limits. With that said, there are some roads that can push a driver (or passenger) beyond his or her comfort level. Passenger motion sickness is not uncommon.
Will there be extra shirts for me to purchase once I get there?
In addition to the shirt that each registered participant receives, we will have a limited number of shirts available for purchase at the event. If you know that you would like additional shirts, please let us know.
What happens if I get a flat tire?
This is a great question, as many of our vehicles do not have spare tires. There are no shops in Fredericksburg that stock tires for Porsches but can repair most flats except sidewall punctures. If your flat cannot be repaired with a can of fix-a-flat or standard repair, you will likely have to have your car towed to San Antonio or Austin.
Will I be allowed to test the speed limiter in my vehicle on the runway at the airport?
No. Just, please... no. If you try, the tour master will personally call the Sheriff and have you escorted off the property.
$35 for a conference dinner? Really?
This is a convention, the same type of event a lot of us attend in our business dealing. There are a lot of costs to putting these on, and your company usually pays these in the registration fees that you expense. Here's how it breaks down per person: $22.50 covers the meal, tax and gratuity. So that's approximately $17.80 for the meal, $1.50 for tax and $3.20 for gratuity. The remaining $12.50 covers the rental of the facility, which is a HUGE discount extended to this group as we are such loyal guests, and is charged per person by the venue. The organizers of Boxstoberfest don't get a penny. There aren't any other restaurants in Fredericksburg that are large enough to serve our group. Moving to a venue outside of Fredericksburg is a challenge logistically and would require us to eliminate alcohol service. So we've negotiatied what we think is a great deal given the constraints of location and group size. If you're a super-negotiator and want to help out next year please send us an email.
Why have you moved registration from The Auslander?
We don't like the loud band either. We do listen to attendees comments and adjust things we reasonably can.
I'm still confused about something.
Send us an email.